Plan B - Kommunen


Commune Z.

Slovakia, Zvolen
repopulated local group in an isolated valley


around 300 people


simple, rural village life individual property

Mission statement:

Promotion of traditional life practices and local social relationships


New settler on old land

In the middle of Slovakia lies Z., a secluded valley rife with primordial forests and meadows, which suffers the same fate as many other rural areas. With the end of a decentralised and small-scale economy era, the region quickly lost its appeal for workers and later on all its residents. In the early 1990s Z., mainly consisting of a val- ley with scattered farms, reached a historic low of only 190 residents, the local school and grocery shop had already been closed years earlier. Those who remained were, as is often the case, older people and a few who mistrusted a supposedly better life in the city. Most of Z.’s former residents emi- grated to a large city 30 km away, where work, disco and shopping is to be had. Another reason for local men to relocate was a lack of women in the valley, since hardly any would stay there or find their ...