Plan B - Kommunen


Commune K.

Germany, Brandenburg caravan settlement
50 hectar


around 50 people


action through personal responsibility open space without ownership

Mission statement:

One rule, there are no rules


Everything changes when you change!

The term commune often evokes biased opinions. I personally associate it with two words, namely “anti” and “plenum”. By now I have erased both notions from my vocabulary, since I cannot stand the constant display of self-evident matters. Naturally, I am anti-racist and anti- sexist, and I can do the most common thing, have a conversation, without holding the talking stick. Consequently, it was my worst fear to face those two “ususal suspects” when joining the commune K., an open space near Berlin with an anarchistic social order. I was worried I might find out that good will does not necessarily lead to appropriate actions. Ursula’s and my prejudices about what this certain community might look like, had already arrived as we were still sitting in the suburban railway heading east. It is always the ...