Plan B - Kommunen


Commune H.

Italy, Tuscany


6 people
some associated members


Psychosynthesis concept 5 rules for cohabitation common property

Mission statement:

Personal individuation through conscious existence within a group


Permanent feedback for the Big Death

It’s nice in Fauglia — Italian heat and crickets chirping in such a relaxed manner, that all you want to do is eat dates and drink a glass of wine that lasts for the whole evening. On our way into the outback the road narrows into a path along a small hill between olive trees and poplars. At the end we reach a pink farmhouse in typical Tuscan style, welcoming, charming and spruced up. Unlike us, who arrived one day early due to a misunderstanding via E-mail. Daniel greets us at the door, obviously surprised when we introduce ourselves as Ursula and Martin. He summons the rest of community H., a group consisting of six friends who moved in together in the collective pursuit of evolving their personalities and growing through cooperation — aka become better human beings within the collective. The minor ,,,