Plan B - Kommunen


Commune D.

Italy, Piedmont
40 buildings distributed over the region


600 people
a couple thousand associated members worldwide


humanistic-spiritual small state

Mission statement:

obtainment and transmission of all original holistic human talents


Utopia beyond all boundaries

D. is a community in Northern Italy with a humanistic-spiritual idea of man. According to their beliefs, a human being inherently possesses independent thought, a strong will, a comprehensive consciousness and an aptitude for extrasensory perception. Corrupted by our egocentric, fragmented and unsubstantial society, we have lost those capabilities, which results in contemporary catastrophes for hu- manity and the environment. There are certain exceptions, such as Falco, one of D.’s founders and the commune’s spiritual guide, who, according to myth, time-travelled to us from a future 600 years away. In the 1970s he and a few like-minded peo- ple began to imagine a new society, where mankind would be restored to its original ...