Buch: PLAN B, Utopia Realis


PLAN B, Utopia Realis

*PLAN B, Utopia Realis* is also available at Anzenberger Gallery Bookshop and at the Bookshop of Lia Wolf. You can buy one at amazon and Kettler Verlag too.

Euro 33.00 Plus shipping costs.
Official release date of the book: December 21th, 2016.

Plan B - Utopia Realis (signed)

Photographs: Ursula Röck, Text: Martin Berger

Publisher: Kettler Verlag

136 pages

Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-86206-623-0

Price: 33 € / exclusive shipping

Comments: Hardcover, 29 × 23 cm, language: English / German

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Nowadays we are living in a capitalistic world that leads to debts, loneliness and an achievement-orientated society where everything seems to be mainstream.

Plan B shows the opposite way of life. Communes created their own concepts of living together and demonstrate new solutions for modern and global problems.